Scope. The dotted line between the FortiGate and FortiSwitch changes to a solid line.

The next hop is based on the traffic’s source IP address. On both FortiGate units, the cost of the route through WAN2 is adjusted higher so that this route will only be used if the route through WAN1 is unavailable. Understanding Sender Policy Framework (SPF), Using Microsoft Teams New Meeting Experience and Other Features, I’ll Bet You Don’t Have a Windows Registry Backup, SSL Certificates Are Now Issued 13 Months at a Time; Multi-Year Certs Need Rekeying, How You Get Your Microsoft Licensing May Be Changing (and Say Goodbye to 2-Year Software Assurance Agreements). Inspect each checkpoint to find the cause of the problem. A volume ratio is set for each active member of the WAN link. - The next hop is based on both the traffic’s source and destination IP address. FortiGate 1 should learn the route to network and FortiGate 2 should learn the route to network See more detail about those 3 modes in the technical documentation. This difference means redundant interfaces can have more robust configurations with fewer possible points of failure. Creating a default route for the WAN link interface Go to Network > Static Routes and create a new default route. Enter the following CLI commands on the FortiSwitch: If the FortiSwitch ports used for the FortiLink connection have auto-discovery-fortilink enabled, executing authorization on FortiGate will trigger the transformation to FortiLink mode automatically. Note, that in this example the FortiGate unit will use the default source-based distribution algorithm. Case 2: FortiGate global failure If the master were to completely fail (including the ISF), the administrator would have to plug the … You cannot configure the interface individually and it is not available for inclusion in security policies, VIPs, IP pools, or routing. Aggregate ports cannot span multiple VDOMs. It has no DHCP server or relay configured on it. With the default settings, each FortiGate unit learns these routes from both WAN1 and WAN2. If you have previously configured your FortiGate using the standard installation, you will have to delete all routes and policies that refer to an interface that will be used to provide redundant Internet.

You can view this usage by going to, Redundant Internet Installation in NAT/Route Mode, System > Network > WAN Link Load Balancing. FortiSwitch units have been upgraded to latest released software version. The default cost is 10. While we’d love for everyone to have completely redundant firewall setups, that isn’t always a viable possibility.
This is the CLI example to configure 3 different routes to the same destination (in this case, they will be default routes). It does not have an IP address and is not configured for DHCP or PPPoE. It is in the same VDOM as the aggregated interface.

This gives you redundancy in the event the primary link fails (without using other protocols like port channel etc). This feature enables interface redundancy at a network level, and is great mainly for growing small and medium businesses that already have redundant network core infrastructures but not more than one firewall.

An interface is available to be in a redundant interface if: When an interface is included in a redundant interface, it is not listed on the Network > Interfaces page. An interface is available to be an aggregate interface if: When an interface is included in an aggregate interface, it is not listed on the Network > Interfaces page. The link between the router and the original Master FortiGate fails.

Check the CLI output for Connection: Connected to show that FortiLink is up: When FortiLink between the FortiGate and FortiSwitch is established, the Link-up ports change to green and the POE port that is supplying power changes to blue.

Fortigate FortiOS 5.6 Redundant Internet Connections without SD-WAN The scenario: ISP 1 is on wan1, your IP is, gateway is ... config system link-monitor edit "wan1 check" set srcintf "wan1" set server "" set gateway-ip set timeout 5 set recoverytime 1 next end 2. At present, one of the link is disabled as redundant; however, I need to start using the other link … Overall, a pretty simple process to achieve a little more redundancy if you don’t have a redundant firewall but you do have core networking redundancy. This feature is similar to redundant interfaces.

This example creates an aggregate interface on a FortiGate-140D POE using ports 3-5 with an internal IP address of, as well as the administrative access to HTTPS and SSH. O*E2 [110/10] via, wan2, 00:00:06, O [110/210] via, wan2, 00:00:06, O [110/210] via, wan2, 00:00:14. Change the FortiSwitch management mode to FortiLink: Create an aggregate interface and designate it as Fortilink interface on the FortiGate: Extend the security perimeter to the edge of FortiSwitch: The FortiGate model supports an aggregate interface.
Configure the VLAN interfaces that are applied on FortiSwitch. You can view this usage by going to System > FortiView > All Sessions … It is in the same VDOM as the redundant interface. This <<<<----- ECMP will be selected for IBGP routes.

The major difference is a redundant interface group only uses one link at a time, where an aggregate link group uses the total bandwidth of the functioning links in the group, up to eight (or more).


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